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Sundray Wireless Metropolitan Area Network Solution Helps Regional Education Informationization Upgrade


With the informationization of education from the 1.0 era into the 2.0 era, the Education Bureaus across the country have increased their investment in education informatization. The education field is undergoing profound changes. The emergence of innovative practices such as multimedia teaching and e-books has greatly changed the tradition. Educational teaching model.

As the infrastructure of education informationization, wireless network plays an important role in supporting various applications such as mobile office and e-books. More and more education bureaus have begun to deploy unified wireless networks.

Since the number of primary and secondary schools under the Education Bureau is often large and the scenarios are diverse, how to achieve unified management of the network, how to ensure smooth and unimpeded network of various scenarios is a concern of the network construction of major education bureaus. The wireless network construction of the Education Bureau is facing "three difficulties":

 First, the campus is scattered, and unified management is required. Due to the large number of campus campuses built and relatively scattered, it is not easy to centrally manage all schools' wireless networks. This is also a big problem encountered in the construction of the education bureau.

The second is to ensure the application of smart terminals, and the requirements for equipment are high. Multimedia teaching requires AP to have high performance, and the teaching area should be able to meet the wireless use of 40-60 people in the e-bag scenario. Otherwise, there will be a situation of delay and delay, which will affect the teaching quality.

 Third, the safety requirements are high. The traditional scheme has a simple security mechanism, low network security protection capability, and certain risks in teaching data security. A wireless network that can guarantee school security is needed.

In response to the needs and current situation of the Education Bureau's wireless network, Sundray Technology has tailored a wireless metropolitan area network solution for Education Bureau users:

Sundray centralized networking mode can realize unified management of all school networks under the Education Bureau; support distributed centralized deployment, the Education Bureau places central controllers, and each primary and secondary school places separate execution wireless controllers, which can serve as an effective VPN. Security networking, decentralization, and other functions.

Sundray NAP-3620 e-book bag dedicated scene AP, using high-performance chips, with high capacity, fast forwarding speed, etc., support 2.4G Hz / 5.8G Hz at the same time, enabling a single wireless AP can simultaneously support up to 60 electronic The book bag terminal is used.

Different roles, different authentication methods, and Sundray wireless controller built the largest domestic application rule identification library, which can identify more than 2,400 applications and tens of millions of URLs, effectively regulate the online behavior of teachers and students, and green Internet access. It also supports wireless auditing to help schools trace risk.

Sundray wireless platform supports IoT expansion, which can help educate users to realize future IoT application upgrades and create intelligence. For primary and secondary school users, Sundray Internet of Things can help users realize smart space (office, classroom, conference room, etc.), dormitory Wisdom power and other functions help users save manpower and management costs.