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Play out! Efficient QR code wireless certification "package" is coming!


It has been said that Wi-Fi has become a super-media portal. Commercial Wi-Fi is like a tangible bridge. It is built with high-quality Wi-Fi, which not only satisfies customers' Internet access requirements, but also avoids the cumbersome question of Wi-Fi password. And it can also bring a lot of online traffic to the merchants, creating more possibilities for online marketing for merchants.

As one of the first manufacturers to introduce "two-dimensional code with Wi-Fi" on the market, Xinrui Technology has launched three "two-dimensional code wireless certification" packages for different needs of users, which can be realized by scanning two-dimensional codes. demand. Below, let's take a look at the specific implementation steps and applications of the method of scanning the QR code through WeChat in different user demand scenarios.

1. QR code verification and certification

This authentication method is suitable for external visitors to access the Internet. The visitor's mobile phone displays a QR code icon during the process of connecting to the wireless network. The QR code is scanned by the designated employee inside the merchant. After the audit is passed, the visitor can access the Internet.

In the QR code audit and certification, the auditor is the internal designated employee account, which must be the role of WeChat authentication. When the visitor QR code is verified and verified, if the left picture appears, click Continue to access the middle picture. This page can add the guest's comment. After clicking OK, the right picture appears, and the visitor successfully connects to the wireless.

Visitors who access the Internet through this authentication method cannot display their identity information when viewing the visitor information in the background of the controller. Instead, they directly display the WeChat authentication user, and the MAC address of the visitor is also consistent with the MAC of the auditing employee. Visitors are considered visitors who are certified by WeChat. Therefore, the authentication method cannot trace the source of the guest's online behavior, and is applicable to a scenario that only satisfies the visitor's Internet access and does not need to track the visitor's online behavior.


2. Temporary account QR code authentication

This method is suitable for hotel or temporary meeting scenarios. The external network visitors can scan the QR code to connect to the wireless network, and it is also unable to track the visitors' online behavior. However, compared with the first type, the internal personnel need to scan his QR code. It is obviously more convenient to connect to a wireless network.