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Reshaping network border security, Sundray intelligent switch set up a solid barrier


With the rapid development of Internet + era, data sharing and exchange also bring certain security risks. The headlines about network attacks and data leakage are increasing. In order to solve the security problem in data forwarding, SINRH designs the next generation intelligent switch based on the new software definition network architecture. Except for the unified controller control, switch zero configuration on-line, and visual management, users are most concerned about the rich boundary security characteristics of the intelligent switch.

By virtue of the characteristics of asset visualization, pre-warning, risk assessment, anomaly alarm and security linkage, Sundray Intelligent Switch has built a solid "fortress" for network boundary security.

By identifying the type of front-end equipment, MAC address binding, access authentication and other functions, SINRUI intelligent switch can realize the identification of front-end equipment, complete the dumb terminal asset management; at the same time, it can monitor the terminal device plug-in situation, device activity, terminal utilization, access time and other data analysis, to ensure that there are. Line boundary network security, restore assets running state.

The Intelligent Switch can analyze the number and trend of terminal off-line and display security events, analyze the network quality (such as packet loss rate), forecast the network security risk in advance, and give the switch traffic monitoring, traffic abnormal alarm, traffic risk assessment and other features.

In addition, smart switches can interact with convinced security situational awareness, and controllers/smart switches can report terminal information (such as IP, MAC, etc.) to the platform; security management platform sends a freeze request to the risk terminal under the controller and notifies the administrator through APP; meanwhile, the controller has a number of security events associated with the system. Log, display security events, controller support centralized, distributed authentication deployment.

The boundary network security function of Sudnray intelligent switchboard is mainly applied to three major business scenarios:

Monitoring camera security management, in such a scenario, can be combined with intelligent switches to help users achieve the camera terminal security control;

In the scenario where wireless communication has been built, the on-line information of equipment such as normal access of terminal and loss of terminal can be obtained effectively through intelligent switch;

Intelligent switch security features can be combined with remote assets supervision, greatly reducing the difficulty of customer dumb terminal equipment management.

Sundray intelligent switch has more security characteristics than the traditional two-tier ordinary switch. The use of intelligent switch in networking is conducive to excluding the unstable factors in the network at the embryonic stage, truly ensuring network security, reducing the pressure of IT operation and maintenance, making network management more convenient!