Declearation Documents

Privacy Protection

Sudnray Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sudnray Technology") attaches great importance to the protection of your personal privacy information, the use of letter sharp technology website or letter sharp technology products and services provided before, you (hereinafter referred to "User") Carefully read and fully understand the "Privacy Statement" ("This Statement"). Once the user chooses to use, it means to approve and accept all the contents of this statement.

This statement explains the collection and use of personal information by users. This statement applies to all related products and services of Sino Technologies.

1. Under normal circumstances, users do not need to provide any personal information you can browse the letter Rui technology website. However, it does not preclude users from using the products and services provided by Xin Rui Technology website or Xin Rui technology may need to provide some necessary information that can personally identify the user or involve personal communication, including but not limited to the real name of the user, the mobile phone number , Where the geographical location information. If the user can not provide such information, the corresponding service may not be available or may be restricted during use. In particular, if, for a specific purpose, a user voluntarily provides the name, type and identification number required to register or subscribe to the electronic information, an email address, a telephone number, a contact address, a service or preference information desired and other similar personal information indicates that the user has been advised and accepted the purpose of its personal information and agree that seller's technical use the user's personal information to achieve such purpose.

2. Users should note that in order to operate and improve the products and services of SingTel Technology, SingTel Technology may collect, use or provide to third parties information about the operating status and usage habits of the products and other general personal information beyond the scope of personal information Information to improve the user experience。

3. The products and services provided by Sundray Technology website or Sundray Technologies may contain links or information about third-party products and / or services. This third party may have its own privacy policy that requires the user to carefully review and carefully consider the personal information provided. This statement does not apply to the third party to collect information from users.

4.Under normal circumstances, users can browse and modify their own submitted information at any time, but due to security and identity considerations, the user may not be able to modify the initial registration information provided at registration and other authentication informatio

5.To protect the personal privacy information of users is the consistent system of Sundray Technology, Sudnray Technology will take reasonable measures to protect users' personal privacy information. Letter sharp technology without the user's consent, do not disclose to any third party, disclose the user's personal privacy information. However, the following specific circumstances caused by the user's personal privacy information disclosure by the user themselves:

(1) Sundray technology according to the provisions of laws and regulations or authority to provide the user's personal privacy information;

(2)  Leakage of any personal privacy information due to non-trusted technical reasons such as the user notifying his or her user password or sharing his or her registered account and password with others;

(3)  Users to disclose their personal privacy information to third parties;

(4) Users and Sudnray technology and cooperation between the user privacy information on the user to reach an agreement on the use of privacy, technology so sharp disclosure to the co-operation of the user's personal privacy information;

(5) Any user privacy information disclosure due to hacker attacks, computer viruses and other force majeure events.

(6)Sundray Technology solemnly reminds users to disregard the terms of SIRUI's technical responsibility in this statement. Please read carefully and consider the risks independently.

The contents of the above terms of the final interpretation and the right to amend the Sundray technology.