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Sundray Wifi Survey


Nowadays, customers enter the store and generally connect to Wi-Fi in the shopping mall. Authentication is required before connecting Wi-Fi, including account password, SMS, WeChat and Portal page authentication. This way not only through the custom page shopping ad push, in fact, you can also conduct a survey: That is, customers in the process of connecting to the Internet, you need to fill out a questionnaire, it can be certified, connect to the wireless network

Well, the problem is coming! If the customer directly skip this survey, click the certification Internet can connect successfully? Do not worry, if you do not fill in the questionnaire, you can not successfully connect to the wireless network. Even if the customer closed this page at this time to open other browsers, will be redirected to the survey page again.


In fact, this is the new strategy of wireless technology introduced by Sundray Technology. Customers with similar requirements can contact the letter sharp technology docking; customers only need to make the form, the latter can be achieved to the letter Rui technology.


To shopping malls, for example, if one day 1000 people certified Internet access, you can receive 1,000 questionnaires.


Of course, before that, we also introduced a new wireless marketing model based on Wi-Fi, including the following:

◆Full-screen advertising pages, information push;

◆Portal authentication landing page;

◆SMS/wecaht authentication

◆App based marketing;

◆Bluetooth shake push news;

◆User profiling ;

◆Bigdata analyze。


If you are a marketing guy, why not coming to Sundray for help?