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Sundray Smart Switch


Sundray has setup one team to develop our own switch, but what is the difference bewteen Sundray Switch and other traditional switch?

Plug and play

With new architecture, sundray switch can be easily managed by Sundray controller, just as we manage our AP.

Easy configuration

We can easliy configure the network settings like VLAN, port enable or disable, port setup on the GUI interface, without do other command lines. 

Visulized management

This intelligent switch can also view the visual status through wireless AC, including switch load, port forwarding load, switch offline status, port open and close status.


In addition to the above three advantages, Cree Smart switches also have more secure features than traditional switches, and can work with wireless networks and security devices to achieve more secure network management.

Where can we deploy sundray switch? Sundray switch can be deployed in the large scale of network, with lots of advanced features and security features, it's designed for campuse and enterprises.