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Sundray innovation in network management


For dormitories, multi-room office, multi-barrier and other wireless use of the scene, wireless deployment programs have been in the aesthetics and experience can not have both state.


Power division through the expansion of an antenna to achieve an AP covering eight or more rooms, but the coverage is still limited. And if the coverage area is densely populated and traffic is converged to a single AP through power-managed antennas, the AP processing performance becomes the bottleneck of the solution. Deploying wireless APs in each room can solve signal coverage and area limitations, but management of APs and networks Configuration, follow-up operation and maintenance, and terminal roaming experience no way completely satisfactory.


Other vendors have the solution, but there is also some problems to be solved.


1) The maseter AP will support 24 ports power supply, this is a waste of the power.


2) In the client AP, there is limitation of the AP models.


3) Once change the deployment mode, will lead to a large change of the network.

As of the analyze, Sundrayrelease an innovative solution

It makes up by Controller AP and switchThe wireless controller only needs to be responsible for managing the integrated host. Each switching host can access a maximum of 24 sub-APs. The switching hosts can manage the sub-APs in a centralized manner. The sub-APs are plug-and-play and need no separate management, configuration, and access. Completely by the host channel reasonable division and unified configuration. Integrated host and sub-AP directly using Ethernet cable interconnection, the furthest distance up to 100 meters, effectively solve the traditional power sub-program caused by the signal transmission line attenuation problem. Each sub-AP provides independent Gigabit bandwidth to eliminate data forwarding bottlenecks.

Different from other vendors, Sundray's networking solution is more open in access of sub-APs and supports connection support for all existing Sundray APs. Users can choose according to their own environment characteristics, whether it is hardware input cost or environment matching Are more flexible.