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Sundray Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Technology!


On October 12, Shenzhen Sundray Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sundray Technology) and Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Technology) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen Tencent Binhai Building.


Sundray Technology Product Director attended the signing ceremony

Strong alliance, enjoy the future

As a comprehensive solution for smart management, smart service, smart marketing and big data application developed by Tencent for the national scenic spots, museums and science and technology museums, Tencent's smart travel platform has reached a strategic cooperation with Sundray Technology. Based on Sharp technology software and hardware, it integrates IT technology and Internet technology to explore new modes of development in the field of intelligent travel.

In fact, before the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, Sundray Technology and Tencent Big Data Platform had already cooperated in the Qingming Shangheyuan Smart Scenic Area Construction Project and achieved good cooperation results.


Sundray Technology and other delegations visit the headquarters of Tencent Marina Building

Relying on policies to create a smart spot

In 2017, the Tourism Bureau released the “13th Five-Year Plan” for National Tourism Informationization. The "Plan" proposes that by 2020, efforts will be made to achieve full coverage of free Wi-Fi, intelligent tour guides, and electronic explanations for tourist attractions above 4A level; by 2018, a number of comprehensive tourism information service platforms and tourism information service facilities will be initially established. Basically meet the needs of tourists for information services.

Under this background, the two sides will use their respective advantages and joint efforts to activate the new energy of smart tourism, provide big data analysis, network analysis and intelligent marketing platform and evaluation system for scenic spot managers, and display various types of business information in the scenic spot in real time. Scenic area management helps managers to make decisions.


“Intelligence wins WE” “Partner signing ceremony”

Based on users, solve the "pain point"

With the popularity of Internet technology, travel has become an increasingly simple matter. Turning on mobile phones, from travel to accommodation and then to sightseeing, the concept of smart travel has penetrated into every aspect of the travel market. Traveling on the go is technically a reality. However, in the process, many users of the scenic spot were found to be confused: “Smart Travel” did not solve all the problems as expected, such as the lack of unified standard top-level platform design, the urgent need for big data platform to improve management, and urgent need. Improve software and hardware upgrade user experience, lack of brand endorsement, etc...

In cooperation with Tencent Technology, Sundray Technology will serve as a hardware service provider and technical support partner of Tencent's smart travel project, and work with Tencent Technology to build a smart travel platform. This cooperation will give full play to the functional advantages of data collection, statistics and analysis of the network management system of Sundray Smart Scenic Area, improve the single source of data source at the hardware level, and combine Tencent's massive data resources and proprietary big data algorithms to form accurate visitors. , Preference analysis, to achieve more smart data applications based on big data.

In the future, the two parties will adhere to the principle of "innovation, cooperation, openness, and win-win" and support Tencent's smart travel platform to create a unique smart landscape solution to create a new industry ecosystem.