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Sundray Technology unveiled at the 4th China Smart City International Expo


On August 21st, the "2018 (4th) China Smart City International Expo" hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission China Urban and Small Town Reform and Development Center and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “New Era, New Journey – Digital China, Smart Society”, this year's Zhibo Fair will showcase the latest achievements in smart city construction.

Deeply convinced that the technology re-installed at the Smart City International Expo, and placed 180 square meters of large booths in Hall 1, attracting many participants to stop and exchange.

As a subsidiary of  Sangfor Technology's enterprise-class wireless and IoT business, Sundray Technology highlights new technologies, new products, new services in the promotion of new smart city construction, and smart city wireless and IT-based technology. The overall solution for the Internet of Things.

A smart city is like an organic living body, and the vitality of the city is the nervous system. This nervous system not only contains the urban brain, but also the neural network from the brain to the distal end. The urban neural network of the wireless + Internet of Things and the big data nerve center built by Sundray Technology fully demonstrates the diversification and intelligence of the digital "neural system" of Sundray Smart City.

Smart City Wireless Operations Management Center

As a city information infrastructure and an important livelihood project, the wireless network provides support for wireless applications such as mobile services, smart office, and smart law enforcement for governments and enterprises. For the public, it can provide network access services in public places. Public Wi-Fi is not only a way to provide wireless Internet access, but also a window for living, traveling, and doing business. It is also a channel for political and civil interaction.

Sundray Technology Smart City Wireless Operation Management Center can realize unified wireless Wi-Fi planning in various scenarios; adopt different coverage strategies for different scenarios to ensure the user's wireless network experience to the greatest extent; to ensure public Wi-Fi Internet security, Sundray Wireless through the docking network supervision department, multi-dimensional records and analysis of online data and other means to ensure the healthy operation of wireless.

Internet of Everything Smart Building Management Center

In the traditional urban IoT-aware business, they are separated by politics, fragmentation, chimneys, and information islands. The Xinruo IoT platform is unified and unified monitoring, which enables the headquarters to manage all point devices in a unified manner, and adapts to multiple network environments and data backhaul to achieve an overall linkage strategy. Sundray Smart Building Operation Management Center can realize unified management and intelligent operation and maintenance of smart computer room, smart office, intelligent fire protection and smart space.

As the role of “central nervous system”, the Internet of Things can sense urban information through sensors in all directions. Based on the results of analysis and processing, it supports a variety of urban application services, providing wisdom and caring services to people living in cities. To make your life healthy and convenient, the city becomes safe, ecological and livable.

Smart city operation and maintenance controllable visualization

The smart city's massive sensing layer device collects data back to the data processing center through the network, and needs a simple, secure, and manageable data switch as a support; the connection between the front-end sensing layer device and the smart city data center server is high. Reliability is guaranteed.

Sundray intelligent switch supports fat and thin integration. It adopts the form of “thin switch + controller” to realize the plug-and-play of intelligent switches. After going online, it can realize the image configuration of intelligent switches, making information transmission more efficient and network configuration. It is simpler, reducing the pressure on operation and maintenance personnel, and making urban operation and maintenance manageable and visualizable!

Breaking data islands to help make accurate decisions

At present, the construction of smart cities pays more attention to the sub-divisions. By opening up all kinds of information and data islands of traditional smart cities, the overall system of the Internet of Everything is established. The overall architecture of Sundray Technology Smart City can be based on wireless and IoT platforms for data collection and data analysis, helping urban smart decision-making, realizing the collection, sharing and utilization of various types of data in the city, and establishing a unified urban big data operation platform.

Smart city is the inevitable trend of future urban development. In 2018, Sundray Technology has been assisted nationwide including Shenzhen Longhua, Wenzhou Lucheng, Hainan Sansha, Zhangjiakou, Erlianhaote, Qianjiang, Zhumadian, Pingliang, Liangzhou, Wisdom construction in areas and cities such as Wuwei City. In the future, Sundray Technology will use more information technology technologies such as wireless, Internet of Things and big data to continuously help the construction of smart cities and build a better future for the city.