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Sundray Technology unveiled at the 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair


On November 14, the 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair (referred to as the High-Tech Fair) opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “adhering to the new development concept and promoting high-quality development”, the high-tech fair focuses on the deep integration of strategic emerging industries, future industries and the real economy, focusing on high-end manufacturing, new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, new materials, New technologies and new products in hot energy industries such as new energy.


As one of the exhibitors of the high-tech fair, Sundray Technology brought new intelligent classrooms, smart machine rooms, smart fire-fighting three IOT scenes and enterprise-class wireless and intelligent switches to the participants in the “Smart City” Hall 6. solution.

​Vertical scene Smart IOT

With the rapid development of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, and the continuous integration of these new technologies with urban applications, cities are becoming “perceived everywhere, connected everywhere, and data is nowhere A synergy of absent, computing everywhere, and intelligence everywhere. Small to a variety of wearable products, shared bicycles; as large as cars, factories and buildings, the Internet of Things can make all devices connected and intelligent.

The unified convergence and unified monitoring of the Xinrui IoT open platform enables unified management of front-end sensor devices and adapts to data backhaul in multiple network environments to achieve overall policy linkage. In the past few years, in the field of deep-funding Internet of Things, Su dray technology has been close to the actual scene, creating a scenario of smart classrooms, smart computer rooms, smart firefighting and other scenarios, improving the efficiency of operation mode and reducing overall operating costs.


The Sundray Smart Classroom solution has changed the traditional teaching mode and linked people and things. If the class information is transmitted to the teacher's Internet terminal before class, and automatically open the infrared gateway, classroom access control, open the teaching whiteboard; human body induction automatically turn on the lights and air conditioning; linkage air purifier ... liberation of labor, to achieve the "intelligence" of things.


Sundray Smart's IoT solution came into being, covering the intelligent computer room system of power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, IT business and energy consumption monitoring, realizing the green and intelligent computer room center.

    In addition, the three subsystems of intelligent fire protection: fire water system monitoring, electrical fire monitoring and flammable gas monitoring system can achieve different scenarios to prevent vicious accidents caused by flammable gas leakage, so that fire accidents can be detected early, early warning and early extinguished.

Higher delivery value for enterprise wireless

In today's Wi-Fi has become "Must Have", in order to meet the increasing communication needs of users, the future network must have three main characteristics: network intelligence, service personalization, and platform value-added.

Sundray Technology Enterprise Wireless has smarter user service awareness, more efficient intelligent AI marketing, data mining and statistical analysis based on wireless network and online behavior, making network management more intelligent and automated, and creating higher delivery value. The enterprise-class wireless network solution lays a solid network foundation for informationization such as smart campus, smart scenic spot and smart medical care.

Minimal network security linkage

Different from traditional switches, the next-generation intelligent switch of Sundray Technology supports fat and thin integration, supports unified controller control, and can realize zero-configuration plug-and-play of switches. After going online, the intelligent configuration of the intelligent switch can be realized through the controller; the security features of the intelligent switch can automatically identify the security risks, parallel dynamic potential sensing, automatically report and block security risks, and make data transmission more secure.

At present, SundrayTechnology has 43 directly affiliated branches and spare parts warehouses in the country, with more than 50,000 customers in the service industry. Its business covers more than 22 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.Sundray Technology focuses on the innovation of products and solutions, and injects efficient information and intelligent applications into various fields based on the actual needs of customers. In the future, we will continue to take root in the wireless and Internet of Things fields, and drive information modernization to create a new era of wisdom!