Better shopping mall Wi-Fi


F16 shopping mall,one of the biggest shopping mall in east Canton Province,European style decoration, fashion boutique, various restaurants, leisure and entertainment, etc. Already open to public in May 2017.

Rapid growing of mobile internet application motivates Sundray to develop more flexible, more easy-manage and more high mobility to fits the demand of end users.

By deploying Wi-Fi, Shopping mall is able to provide better shopping experience. Except for coverage, Sundray provides with O2O precise marketing, customer data analysis, which increase client viscosity and promote more sales. With those requirements, Sundray customized the WI-FI solution for F16.

Precision marketing

One of the shining point of this project is that it combined with market demand, providing custom advertising and marketing platform for shopping mall runners. Customer identification information collection, store rate analysis, customer flow analysis, customer online behavior analysis, customer search behavior analysis, and user portraits are carried out by Sundray‘s controller.

For example, by analyzing the user Internet access point and the Internet long, we can get users to use wireless network preferences, peak time and behavior orientation push ads.

Safe and reliable

The internet access service provided by F16 customer business center not only meets the decree 82 issued by the ministry of public security, but also support network platform, which ensure the safety of users accessing to the Internet. And with Sundray’s largest application and URL library, Users can accurately identify more than 2400 kinds of network application and being URL address, effectively filter the illegal and irregular, poor page, purify network environment. In addition, through illegal access point counter (fishing), AP will detect the surrounding signals 24 hours, and prevent the clients connecting to the fishing AP from missing private information.


Convenient and fast wireless access

When users access wireless network by Wechat, terminal will automatically pop up "I want authentication on the Internet" page. When the user clicks "I want to go online" and chooses WeChat will connect to the Wi-Fi network, the terminal automatically runs the WeChat client for Wi-Fi connection, and the user clicks "immediately connect" to successfully connect to the Wi-Fi. Wechat Wi-Fi connection enables customers conveniently, quickly access to market access to the wireless network, meanwhile provide advertising for store display, merchandise or store display, etc. Which help store promotion WeChat public number and increase of concern, with fans of the economy.


Simple operational management

As the bottom of the wireless network access devices, A network tend to deploy a number of AP, when the AP rising in numbers , IT administrators will consider whether the equipment is easy to management, maintenance and other issues.

Sundray provides wireless controller + thin AP network architecture for wireless deployment for shopping malls, all AP are controlled by wireless controller for centralized management, unified by the controller configuration, press one button to implement the AP configuration. In addition, the administrator can view the AP's running state and real-time flow velocity on the map in real time.

Conclusion: so far, Sundray has deployed a more secure, marketing wireless network for many of the business users including vanke plaza, incredibly home, sanfu department store, golden platinum plaza, haiyin group, etc. In the future, Sundray will continue to build a better and more powerful wireless network environment for more enterprises.