University of Science & Technology Beijing


USTB is one of the top technology University emphasis on engineering course and technology in Beijing, in the list of “211“and “985“projects. Nowadays,network structure is core struture in education managment, to build a reliable safety, high speed, intelligent campus network space, thus to achieve more efficient intelligent education management system.

With the rapid development of information, Campus internet has became the parts of campus life, wireless service has benefit not only for all kinds of unversial for educate equipment and apps but also for all students and teachers to obtain more information and resource. Sundray provides the whole package of the wireless system for the Universtiy.

While the staff in the realization of wireless terminal access the internet, Sundray that in research of Beijing university of science and technology education management requirements and the wisdom campus basic condition platform architecture, function, on the basis of using its own wireless network equipment and function of comprehensive construction of wisdom campus network space. And based on the network, the combination of environment, resources, and to the active all wisdom campus application system, constitute the entire efficient system of education management, implement the wisdom and efficient education management system.

​Wireless Application connection.

Sundray combines the requirement of the current network and features of products. Such as singing in through Wi-Fi and interaction in classes. All the those usages create a safe, reliable and smart campus network for University.

Software customization.

Sundray accomplished that in the “monitor mode”, the tunnel scan period be cut down to 5S from 30S by technic team‘effort. In addition, Sundray customizes the mobile system application for education management, students work, office management. Multimedia base on the network environment and exist application system. Starts from student managing  of education , the application covers the groups of teacher, patriarch and so on. Minus the management and complexity of connecting in the network system.

For the signing in part, the data collecting and sharing supports more accurate positioning and reinforce the managing efficiency for schools.

Visible management

Sundray manage all the AP in the University by controller backstage without changing the core machine room structure. By controlling the managing platform, users could deploy, check the status of very AP and flow situation. Using the “Sundray cloud assistant“ could be much more easier and it could be managed wherever and whenever it needs.

With the further development of smart campus, wireless business plays an increasingly important role in campus and all walks of life, and its functional application is more comprehensive. As a leading brand of the next generation of enterprise wireless network, sharp technical function in all aspects of the letter had been very perfect, from the basic network, wireless, data center, operations management, and other parties in the face of the school, to perfect and improve efforts to assist more campus network construction, the wisdom of teaching for the teachers and students to provide more efficient and convenient education management system.