Sundray technology helps vivo achieve full wireless network coverage of staff dormitory


As is known to all, vivo is a focus on smart mobile phone brand, in recent years, in vivo has been with a group of the pursuit of fun, energetic, young fashion group build a outstanding appearance, professional quality, acme images, enjoyable experience, intelligent products, and will dare to pursue perfection, continues to be a surprise as his firm pursue comprehensive open the road to internationalization.

In order to meet the daily online demands of employees in the factory, enrich their entertainment after work and improve their overall happiness index, vivo decided to provide wireless coverage to the dormitory area of the factory.

Fluid integrated wireless network security, Internet, wireless network operations management aspects of consideration, sharp vivo chose letter technology deployed wireless devices, successful comprehensive coverage for M8 dormitory area and public area wireless wi-fi.

M8 factory, for example, the core switches next to the deployment of sharp letter technology wireless AC controller, use the form of a local forward, M8 plant a total of 4 dormitory, each dormitory building have a gathering switches, each floor has a POE switch, the AP by POE switches into the net. Dormitory, the corridor, the dining room each corner to connect the signal smooth access to the Internet, fully guarantee the area of wireless network coverage, and later will also create park in vivo dominated comprehensive wireless coverage.

High - density optimization + flexible certification, excellent Internet access

In order to ensure that every employee can experience excellent online effects in every corner, the deployment mode of panel AP+ suction top AP is adopted. High-density optimization function can be wireless network performance optimization for intensive scene, reduce consumption of detection rate due to the low end send frame response performance of the wireless space, thereby improving high-density dormitory wireless Internet experience.

For internal use of user name + password authentication, effectively solve the problem of employees' online accounts; For external visitors, the adoption of SMS authentication, simple and convenient access to wireless network, to meet the needs of external visitors.

Equipment centralized control, simple and safe

Vivo by letter sharp wireless controller for grouping wireless user authorization, different identity/roles with different network access, not only such, vivo IT staff can also by letter sharp wireless rich log function, the wireless AP access point, user state for visual operation and operational management.

The management of online behavior guarantees the safety of network information

Complete coverage of the wireless match the deep convinced AC equipment to do Internet behavior management, record user information online behavior, enterprise's information security, at the same time for vivo staff provides a best wireless environment.