China Mechanic Bank branches in China all covered with Sundray’s Wi-Fi


So far, public Wi-Fi has become the part of citizen’s life while staying outdoors. What merchants and enterprise concern most is better use experience, easy management, access security.  CMB selected Sundray’s Wi-Fi solution among brands, as Sundray ensures unify management, marketing function and safe functions in all the business halls of CMB.


CMB introduction

China Mechanic Bank is the first stockholding system commercial bank 100% owned by business entity , the 6th biggest bank in mainland china, its head quarter base in Shenzhen. CMB has 113 branch banks,943 sub-branch banks and 2330 self-help banks. It is be awarded with “Most Popular Finance Organization among Youth”, as CMB has very caring business mode and financial products for youth, so Wi-Fi is another value-added point for increasing the business experience for CMB’s clients.

Requirement of the CMB

At the beginning of proposal stage, Sundray did the survey of all the coverage on every branch, the result indicated that the deploy various: some branch used fat mode, some used operator’s SMS authentication.etc.

Regards of the use experience, the wireless internet built by operator behaves not steady and low speed. Most of the business halls locate in crowed district, which will cause more interface and influence the security risk. Furthermore, CMB would like to promote the advertisement and marketing through Wi-Fi. With the requirement above, CMB decided to unify manage all the branch office by headquarter in Shenzhen.

Sundray Solution

1.Authentication method: Portal + SMS authentication. Clients could log on all the wireless internet in every branch if they logged on in one branch before. CMB could collect all the basic data including gender,numbers,terminal types, durations, etc. And CMB could promote all the newest activities and new APPs to all the clients.

2. Sundray's wireless solution support data analysis platform, through controller, CMB could check the current access number, duration time, the URL and APP clients visit, and push all the information base on the area and time and access numbers to clients.

3.Sundray's wireless solution provide with most safe enterprise protection system, preventing all the hacker attack and fishing. Also could adjust the power and channel base on the various wireless environments.


After deployment, Sundray has successfully come up with a Wi-Fi system: Headquater Unify management + All branch data collecting and analyzing + Customized advertisement push + Financial level Security for CMB. In a way, the solution has become the model of all the financial industry Wi-Fi project.