Outdoor AP

Port No.

2*10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port

1*SFP combo port

Data Transfer


Working band

802.11b/g/n : 





Support 802.11ac WAVE2

Basic Capacity

FAT & FIT mode;

Built-in directional attenna;

Maximum connection:1024

(depends on the environment);

Virtual AP:32;

Output Power:≤27dBm;

Adjustable granularity:1dBm;

Support SSID Hiding​;

Balanced load based on user/traffic/band;

Speed limit based on STA/SSID/AP;

Link integrity detection.


242 x 242 x 68mm



Power consumption


Ingress protection

IP 68

Power supply

POE power supply:


Working/Storage Tempreture



Working/Storage Humidty


Wireless Specification

Support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave2;

Support DHCP/PPPOE dial;

Support VPN;

Support IPV6;

Support VLAN grouping;

L2/L3 roaming;

Support relay network bridge;

Support channel/power adjusting automatically;

Support TKIP and AES (CCMP);

Support black/white list.

Connection method

L2/L3 broadcast discovery;

DHCP option 43;

DNS domain name discovery;

Search for controller IP dynamically through webAgent Technology.


Facebook authentication;

SMS authentication;

QR code authentication;

Mac+Web authentication;

APP authentication;

WAPI authentication;

Portal authentication;

802.1x authentication;

CA authentication;

Support Radius protocal;

Support Portal2.0 protocal;

Support external database authentication such as LDAP, AD domain .etc.

Safty controll policy

Support user/terminals' MAC binding and user isolation;

Support online behavior management/audit;

Support terminal/application/URL recognition;

Support anti fishing / anti rubbing;

Support WIPS/WIDS.

Wireless optimization

Smart broadcast speed;

ARP to unicast;

Anti-terminal delay/stickiness;

High-density scene load balancing;

E-schoolbag scene optimization;

Prohibit low-rate terminal access;

Disallow DHCP requests to wireless terminals.

Marketing function

Advertisment push:

Marketing based on Applied Behavior;

Custom full screen advertising front page;

Webpage / WeChat / SMS embedded ad;

Application download cache throttling;

Traffic flow analyst;

Heat map;

Statics analyst;

User image.

Configuration management

English system language;

Wired/Wireless management;

Classification and decentralization management;

Support multi level multilevel cluster management;

Multilevel multistage redundancy machine;

Automatic strategy troubleshooting.