Guangzhou Bao-Mao high-speed case sharing



Guangdong BaoMao Expressway Industrial Development Co., Ltd. "hereinafter referred to as" BaoMao Expressway "has been paying attention to the construction of electromechanical information system and basic network for many years, and the electromechanical network IT system has formed a certain scale that makes the company's business dependent on IT Constantly enhanced.

With the high-speed Internet companies throughout the province, toll lanes need to use more and more application systems, such as toll lanes at the scene using Ipad using wireless network check flee fees system, card machine management system, paperless office systems, green inspection Systems and other applications more widely. In order to protect the toll station staff to express, stable and secure access to mechanical and electrical application systems to meet the normal business requirements, while meeting the future network of toll stations to facilitate the management and expansion requirements, based on the site investigation is necessary to build an efficient toll lane Wireless access solutions to meet the needs of the company's future business development. In general, Bao-Mao high-speed wireless construction mainly has a few needs:

1.All sites on the highway wireless coverage, including the total control center office buildings, dormitory area, canteens and the toll station office area, dormitory, toll station;

2. In order to improve the work efficiency and information security of employees, combined with the Sangfor AC equipment, the Company conducted employee behavior management and online behavior audit;

3.Toll stations using ipad record of illegal vehicles, the high-speed sites connected with the central control center through the internal line to protect the information security, real-time sharing of information;

4.Employee authentication is simple and easy to use, reducing the pressure of IT staff operation and maintenance.

Solution/ Topology

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There are many toll booths in BaoMao Expressway. All toll collection stations are connected to the internal green line. In the master control center, Sangfor AC devices have been deployed to control and audit employees' online behaviors. Therefore, the centralized forwarding mode is not adopted and local forwarding mode To carry out centralized management. Sundray deploys a NAC-210I at its control center and wireless APs are distributed in office buildings, dormitory buildings, canteens and high-speed toll station office buildings and dormitory areas in Central Park. In total, more than S220 and S400 to meet all areas of wireless coverage.

Construction effect

Through the deployment of Sundray wireless to achieve the following results:

1.all office wireless coverage, to achieve mobile office, and connect the internal office system, illegal vehicle information real-time synchronization to each toll station;

2.dormitory area wireless coverage, rich after-hours staff leisure and entertainment Sangfor AC equipment to realize online behavior management and online behavior auditing, deeply guarantee government network security and information security;

3.Combining Sangfor AC equipment to realize online behavior management and online behavior auditing, deeply guarantee government network security and information security;

4.the wireless network system is only for internal staff, employees using PSK password authentication Internet, Internet access is simple and convenient.