19th Botany Convention in Shenzhen Exhibition center served by Sundray


The 19th International Botany Convention was held in Shenzhen exhibition center between 23rd -29th July. Successfully finished first time in China, it is another world-class grand gathering after the University Games in 2011.

Shenzhen Exhibition Center, Locates in the center of ShenzhenShenzhen Exhibition Center is the biggest individual building of the city. It covers the area of 220,000 and overall floorage reaches 280000 .Total 8 levels with 2 levels underground, the center combines with steel structureclass roof and outer wall shines like a “crystal palace” with the moon lights.

Integrate with exhibition,meeting,business,restaurant,entertainment,the has already held 300 exhibitions,1350 meetings and accepted over 20 millions visitors since it came into use in 2004.

In 24th July, as the theme of “green creates the future”, the 19th Botany Convention starts with great success. The first convention opens in 1900 and it holds every 6 years, it is the highest level and greatest influence international convention in botany area.

Botanists from all over the world come to Shenzhen make it the biggest convention ever since established. Experts and scholars exchange their thoughts and academic ideas.

Requirement of the exhibition center

As crowed gathering place,high quality Wi-Fi is essential no matter take the users experience or the business profits into consider.

Before it is just simple coverage of Wi-Fi, could not meets the requirement of big client flow and high centralized station, changes needed to be made.

Sundray redesign and customize the whole wire-less solution to break the limit of original plan, it came up with a steady, safe, high speed wireless environment for vistors.

Because of the special design of the steel structure and unusual span. AP could only be installed in the beam. And the height reach 13-27 meters.

Furthermore, exhibition center is a high-density scenario so the AP density is high than usual, so the interface within the system is stronger than normal. Coverage area of each AP become a key factor, the antenna shall cover the target area and “shut down” in non-target area to lower interface.

Sundray uses the half power angle directional antenna, perfectly avoid this problem from happening.

On time reaction

Take Wechat authentication as one of the login way for domestic market, and for the oversea clients Sundray uses intelligent identification and provide with SMS method for another option.

Best Experience

As Sundray has the cache function that could cache the APP and video in the AP, it will not take any bandwidth so when crowd download the “IBC2017”APP,the Wireless connection is still high speed and good experience.

The database shows that in the first day, more than 4000 device has been connect and the number reached 20000 for 3 Days.

After the convention, Sundray keeps daily management to make sure the exhibition center Wi-Fi runs properly for more big events.