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Protect the security of the equipment room comprehensively, Sundray push platform alarm + "cloud guard" program


With the development of informatization construction, the number of computer systems and their supporting equipment are increasing day by day. The equipment room has become an important part of many networking scenarios. If there has problem with the dynamic ring equipment of the equipment room, the system operation and maintenance of the information center will be affected immediately.

There are many important equipment in the equipment room: UPS, precision air conditioner, network equipment... There are high requirements for the equipment room environment, abnormal heat exhaustion, water leakage, abnormal power consumption, and abnormal security. Any problem may directly affect the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment room. However, in the past, these problems were difficult to be discovered and dealt with without careful investigation and testing.

There are so many equipment in the equipment room, but how to monitor the operation and maintenance of the equipment room to ensure that the problem is not missed?

Previously, Sundray's equipment room Environmental awareness system can monitor the power, environment and security in the equipment room comprehensively. If there is an abnormality, it can be notified by phone, SMS, website, APP and other ways. In order to further protect the security of the equipment room and reduce the security risks comprehensively, Sundray launched the "cloud guard" service.

  "Cloud Guardian" service:

1.When an abnormal situation occurs in the user equipment room, the Internet of Things platform will automatically alarm in real time according to the user settings through APP alarm, SMS alarm, and telephone alarm module.

2. If the alarm event is not processed in time, the Sundray cloud guard platform will directly inform the Sundray manufacturer platform attendant (service engineer) to intervene and inform the customer of the alarm event by phone.

In the event of a major failure that cannot be handled by remote guidance, Sundray will coordinate the local office engineers to perform on-site processing according to the specific situation.

In order to ensure the service quality of “Cloud Guardian” and to ensure the security of the equipment room, Sundray Headquarter has a monitoring team of 40 people. After receiving the notification information, the platform will track the customer's problem-solving situation to ensure the security of the equipment room. At the same time, for the remote unsolvable problems, Sundray has a professional service team of nearly 200 people in 62 offices across the world which can solve on-site problems.

In addition, in order to further protect the rights of users, for customers who use the company's IoT products, the loss of the customer due to equipment problems will be paid by the insurance company within the scope of the rules.

IoT automatic alarm + manual active intervention, completely guard the security of the equipment room, and won’t let go of any problems that threatens the security of the equipment room!