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Becoming Public Company! Sundray Technology starts new journey!


On May 16, the mother company of Sundray Technology - Sangfor group held a bell ringing ceremony in shenzhen stock exchange and was officially listed with the stock trading code of 300454. On the first day of trading, shares in the company surged 44%, valuing the group at $17.3billion RMB.

Sangfor Gourp was founded in 2000, after 18 years of entrepreneurial history, has now developed into more than 3300 people, with annual sales of more than 2.5 billion high-tech companies, is located in the top 50 enterprises network security for a long time in the first tier. For 18 years, the group has always insisted that IT is simpler, more secure, more valuable business philosophy, for the enterprise users provide competitive information security and network services, and quickly grow up to be in accordance with the network security, cloud computing is the industry leader.

In 2014, based on the judgment of enterprise WLAN market prospects, group set up Sundray to focus on enterprise customers, as the next generation of enterprise is the pioneer of the WLAN market, in-depth enterprise users of wireless network development demand, provide competitive scene wireless solutions. After four years of growth, Sundray Technology has also achieved remarkable results.

Within less than 4 years, Sundray quickly become China's enterprise wireless market, research and development strength CMMI5 international authoritative certification, and the average growth rate of 1112% ranked deloitte high-tech high-growth China's top 20, the market coverage from domestic to overseas, the business sector also from the enterprise into the enterprise wireless Internet, intelligent switch...

This time, as a group, security, cloud computing, one of the three core business enterprise wireless, Sundray enterprise wireless business unit letter package together, is not only a Sundray technology of wireless business strength proof, also carrying the group company to Sundray expectations for the future. As he chaoxi, the group's President, said, "going public is just a new starting point in the company's development process. We should not cheer too much, but be more aware of our responsibilities and mission".

We know that Sundray is still a young start-up. As the eldest son of the group, we have more opportunities to do better. To continue to walk this road well, we need every one of our Sundray people to keep innovating, customer-oriented, quick response and collective efforts. This is the weapon that sustains us and the weapon that will hold our sword to all things in the future.