Sundray Technology helps Wenzhou Lucheng to build a wireless smart city


Wenzhou Lucheng is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang Province. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Wenzhou City. It is said that when the city was built, the white deer took the flowers across the city, so it was named Lucheng. Lucheng has been a commercial city since ancient times, and it is very prosperous. The construction of wireless networks is also ahead of other cities.

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This year, Lucheng's free wireless city network service system and related supporting construction projects began to be implemented. In accordance with the principle of “government co-ordination, commissioning construction, government purchase of services, free use by the public”, the construction project will be implemented as planned, and the free Wi-Fi Internet project in the public area of Lucheng District of Wenzhou City will be promoted.


​In order to build a platform which include expanding its coverage, integrating various information resources, providing free and convenient Internet services and various credit services to the public free of charge, improving the level of urban informatization, LuCheng government decide to distribute Wi-Fi in the public area of Lucheng District, mainly focusing on streets, communities, and parks.


The project covers 14 streets and 298 public places in Lucheng District. There are 961 wireless hotspots in the city for the public to choose.

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Based on the actual situation of wireless Wi-Fi coverage on the main road, Sundray Technology deploys Sundray outdoor wireless APs on 14 major streets, and finally aggregates them into the central computer room. The outdoor AP adopts high-standard, high-rigid waterproof and lightning-proof outdoor special equipment to ensure normal and stable operation in a harsh outdoor environment.

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The project lasted for more than three months. Finally, Lucheng District installed 961 AP points, 5 video flow monitoring, 1 point sports butler equipment, nearly 100 POE switches, 59 self-supporting poles, and 3 km of excavation pipelines. The cable is laid for 120 kilometers, and the final test shows that the uplink bandwidth is >512Kbps, the downlink bandwidth is >2Mbps, and the test pass rate is 100%, all of which meet the acceptance requirements.

The Lucheng government has deployed Sundray Smart Wireless AP in indoor areas such as community pension centers to facilitate free Wi-Fi for all members of the pension center and to promote the popularization of applications such as smart medical care and positioning.

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After the completion of Lucheng Wireless, it will be docked with the Zhejiang wireless platform “iZhejiang”. After the residents of Lucheng are connected, they can go directly to other places in Zhejiang Province and can access the Internet directly without secondary certification. It is the only wireless network service system in the city that realizes one-time registration for users and roaming throughout the province. Citizens can access the Internet free of charge through wireless Internet access points to obtain services and information provided by the government and enterprises.


In addition to providing residents with 24-hour uninterrupted and unlimited wireless broadband network access services, in order to further create a “smart” new urban area, provide more “information benefits” to the public and continuously improve the informationization of Lucheng District. Level and comprehensive ability, at the same time increase the "Unlimited Lucheng" APP online to open proof and other convenience services. Through the “Unlimited Lucheng City” APP, the public can obtain the certificate of non-violation of the enterprise, the guarantee of the company’s participation, and other issues, and fully assist the government policy to “give more convenient service”.

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Nowadays, data collection and statistics are particularly important. Sundray wireless controller has built-in big data collection and marketing platform, which can collect user online data and information data directly through the controller. Through the background data, the network administrator can clearly see the number of accesses, online users, wireless status, security status, etc., which is conducive to comprehensive analysis and operation of data.

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Network security has always been a concern of users. Sundray wireless controller can directly interface with the network supervision platform of the Ministry of Public Security of China, and carry out real-name traceability of illegal behavior and improper public opinion. It can be used for Wi-Fi terminal users to access online behaviors and download web pages. Supervision of entertainment, video, etc. The user IP address information is recorded by the provincial unified server to ensure that the public security audit user IP address.


The acceleration of the urbanization process has given the city the unprecedented economic, political and technological rights, and the city has inevitably pushed to the center of the world stage and played a leading role. In this context, the urban service of facilitating the people and the people is also particularly important. The advancement of wireless will play a positive role in the development of smart cities.


At present, Sundray Technology has served in smart cities including Sansha City, Erlianhaote, Gansu Liangzhou, Wuhu City, Qingdao High-tech Zone, Gansu Wuwei and Yulin Shenmu. Sundray Technology will continue to help the city achieve wireless coverage and provide effective services. For more users, bring them a quality wireless experience.