Sundray provides wirless solution for Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Raden Intan Lampung


State Islamic University (UIN) Raden Intan Lampung is the State Islamic University which is in the village / sub-district Sukarame, Bandar Lampung , the city of Bandar Lampung province of Lampung .

Initially named IAIN Bandar Lampung, it was named Raden Intan 1834 - 1856 , an Indonesian national hero from Lampung based on Presidential Decree No. 082 / TK / 1986 on the 23-10-1986. [1] . And officially became a University on April 7, 2017/10 Sya'ban 1438 H based on Presidential Regulation No. 38 of 2017 concerning Raden Intan State Islamic University Lampung.


This solution provides complete wireless coverage of the campus. The coverage area includes 32 Teaching building, as well as public areas such as the library, corridors and meeting rooms. The design requires that the wireless network can meet the Internet access of 2,0000 concurrent users, and provide stable and seamless roaming access to the network. The campus wireless network coverage design uses the current international leading wireless network communication architecture and related standard protocols. Under the premise of ensuring that signal coverage and communication speed indicators are ahead of domestic counterparts, the reliability, stability and security of network design are fully considered. At the same time, they need a integrate the whole network with a unified solution.

Sundray solution

For the wireless network construction requirement of UIN Lampung and the actual situation of the campus, SUNDRAY overall featured solutions are as follows:

1Wireless Coverage---Full coverage of the campus lobby, guest rooms, corridors, and conference rooms. Customers will not be disconnected when they move online, ensuring customers' online experience;

2Social Media Authentication---The guest is authenticated by Facebook certification, which is simple and fast. At the same time, it adds fans to the campus Facebook public account. Through the controller marketing platform, the campus pushes the campus special product service and other advertising information to increase the marketing channel for the campus business;

3Cybersecurity---SUNDRAY provide basic wireless firewall to enhance wireless network access security, which can protect wireless network from wireless intrusion and DDOS, etc.

4User Authentication---Through the wireless network, users login wifi through input their ID and password, more secure and convenient;

(5)Unified Solution-----SUNDRAY provides a unified solution which use controller to manage wireless and network switch. All of the status we can monitor in this platform, to achieve a more reliable, more convenient and more secure management.