Go skiing |let’s go toYabuli this winter to feel the “Speed”


Yabuli · 4A Scenic

Yabuli was originally known as abloni, the Italian word for fruit and wood. Legend has it that when the Middle East railway was built in 1897, the road builders lived in a makeshift tent in the north and called it the north shed. Soon after, a Russian foreman discovered that there was an apple tree on the hill, and the tree was bearing fruit, so he changed it to yabloni, the transliteration of "yabuli", meaning apple orchards.

Yabuli ski resort is a national 4 a level scenic area, located in shangzhi yabuli town 20 kilometers southeast, 193 km away from Harbin, 120 kilometers away from mudanjiang city, 301 national road side directly to the scenic spot. Lin hai xue yuan and the great snow valley are all about this.

During the third Asian winter games in 1996, yabuli rose to prominence and gradually developed into the largest, most advanced, and most advantageous snow sports place in China. In 2009, as the host of the 24th world university winter games, yabuli focused on the world.

Wi-Fi in Yabuli

The yabuli resort consists of three peaks of the changbai mountains,To reach the concept of 3 mountains internet connect with pricing system, Sundray support the entire wireless network infrastructure, Including ski lanes, water parks, forest rooms and villas in scenic spots, the tourist experience has also been greatly enhanced with the wireless construction of scenic spots.

Anti coldness access point

In Yabuli,You could enjoy the snow and also ski,what is more suprsing, in remote ice , you could still connect to Sundray wireless to post your selfie & family time in Facebook, twitter,weibo. 

But, it is not easy to deploy the Wi-Fi in remote area because of the climate and rugged path.Also, it is a big challenge for the AP. We used S900 plus, which has IP68 class protection, operates perfectly in -40-70 degrees.

Wechat Marketing & Authentication

Tourist access the internet via Wechat authentication, click “Subscribe”and then could receive the message from the management of scenic. Further more, tourist would see the advertisement via wechat. And Sundray’s controller will collect the data of information such as staying time, area, visit quantity.etc.