Sundray technology built a sunshine police department together with the Shanghai jing 'an district public security bureau


Shanghai jing 'an district public security bureau is the jing 'an district branch of Shanghai public security bureau. In order to promote the development of "Internet +" police, Shanghai public security bureau has promoted the construction of sunshine police hall throughout the district. Is all-round comprehensive online platform of police, the police hall for the masses to provide a window of police information and case public query, a net type administrative examination and approval, service one-stop interactive communication between the people and the convenience and benefit.

Wireless construction is essential in the development of "Internet +" policing. In order to build a sunshine police hall, the public security bureau of jing 'an district covers all the 16 police stations under its jurisdiction with wireless network, providing wireless network services for the public online platform. By accessing free and secure wireless wi-fi, citizens can directly handle relevant services through the online public security bureau portal website, which saves the hassle of queuing and waiting.

In order to meet the demand of wireless coverage and security access to the Internet this, sharp letter technology USES wireless controller as wireless management, portal platform, directly deployed in jing 'an district public security bureau, each station of the simple deployment 1-2 AP for wireless coverage, each station AP controller through optical fiber connection and jing 'an district public security bureau. Wireless coverage provides Internet services for the public. Police officers and citizens have access to the Internet through SMS authentication.

With this wireless deployment scenario in place:

1. Wireless only provides Internet services and does not affect the security of police internal network. Anti-fishing wi-fi enabled to avoid illegal hot spots.

2. Employees and citizens adopt the method of SMS authentication, which is realized by the controller uniformly, which increases the scheme's cost performance and satisfies the real-name authentication of Internet users.

3. The jing 'an district public security bureau was deeply convinced by AC to control and audit the online behaviors of 16 police stations to avoid the occurrence of bad network behaviors.

4. Wireless network coverage helps the public security bureau to build a yangguan police hall and one-stop service for the public.