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Wireless network construction, not only about coverage!
Sundray technologies focus on each wireless requirement of office, visitor, and business,
value-added and public hot-pot, etc. Through several years' technology deposition, Sundray has
already built the most secure and value-added enterprise wireless solutions.
The More Secure Network for Internet Access
Sundray technologies provides real-time situation of identifying terminals and access points
accurately, and with up to 8 kinds of authentication methods the wireless network will be
protected sufficiently.
  • 方式1

    8 Kinds of Authentication Methods

  • 方式2

    Terminals Identifying

  • 方式3

    Wi-Fi Phishing Prevention

The Most Secure Network for Surfing Internet
Combine with the strongest Internet Activity Management function in the industry, all of the
Internet activity in wireless network will be recorded and managed by Sundray technologies.
  • 方式4

    More than 1700 kinds of application signature database

  • 方式5

    More than 30 million of URL filtering database

  • 方式6

    Internet Activity Management comply with the 82th principle of Ministry of Public Security of China.

The Most Secure Network for Office Working
Sundray wireless network solution is able to separate the working and visitor network according to different access authentication. Besides, it can totally cut the indirect internet access through carry-on Wi-Fi and Ad-hoc.
  • 方式7

    Configure the Enterprise level firewall

  • 方式8

    Perfectly separate the working network with visitors’ network

  • 方式9

    Shield carry-on Wi-Fi and Ad-hoc by one button.

The More Secure Network for Data
Sundray Technologies ensure the security of data through a perfect encryption mechanism which will separate the service data between users, including wired communication between WAC and AP, AP and terminals.
  • 方式10

    Communication tunnels encryption

  • 方式11

    Wireless service data encryption

  • 方式12

    Separate VLAN users

Not only Secure tool, but also Marketing specialist
Combine with three marketing systems which are passenger-flow analysis platform, ads pushing platform and we-chat marketing platform, Sundray Technologies will achieve the incomparable marketing value while building your wireless network.
  • 方式13

    Passenger-flow Analysis Tools

  • 方式14

    Ads Pushing System

  • 方式15

    We-chat Marketing Technique

Better and Faster User Experience while Security Protected
Sundray Technologies have optimized the wireless speed greatly while keeping the wireless network safe. Through L7 speed Optimization, L7 flow control, intelligent RF Optimization and Load Balancing technologies, the user experience has been promoted better and faster.
  • 方式16

    L7 Speed Optimization

  • 方式17

    L7 Flow Control

  • 方式18

    Intelligent RF Optimization

  • 方式19

    Intelligent Load Balancing