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Providing professional wireless LAN solution for medical customers with electronic ward rounds, mobile nursing, online registration and remote video visitation services etc.

1. Medical industry--Background and challenge of WLAN coverage demand

With new medical system reforming and public health service system informatization developing, traditional medical business begins transfering to mobile terminnals, namely wireless "mobile health care" becomes business model of medical industry. More and more hospitals hope to build a wirelss LAN to meet mobile health care requirements, providing a high-performance wifi system for patients and doctors 

More and more hospitals meet troubles in WLAN deployment and operation:

Hard to finish Wireless ward rounds, mobile nursing, etc. online;
Medical registration, poor service in medical process guidance, increase patients' burden;
Poor Wireless LAN authentication mechanism, low protection level for medical system data ;
Low maintenance for Hospital Wifi, patients have strong desire for online entertainment and remote video visitation


2. Sundray--Providing WLAN solutions for Medical Industry

Sundray simplify wireless network management, enhance network security, providing professional WLAN solutions for medical industry. Patented application-layer acceleration technology improves mobile health care efficiency, bring rapid and smooth wifi experience for patients, meanwhile transparent management/controlling protects medical system security in real time

(1) Mobile heath care, real-time checking and handling for patients' information/service

Stable, secure wireless network is essential for realizing medical system mobilization. Doctors can access wifi network to check patients' information and record or update treatment resuilts, to synchronize patients' data

Wireless ward rounds, patients medical history, temperature chart, imaging reports, etc are all under the control


(2)Registration, medical process guidance, save doctors and patients' time, improve medical service quality

Medical process antomatically push into mobile phones, basic information like which floor and which room should the patients visit are all seen with half an eye

When patients go to hospitals, they can access the hospitals' wifi, the guidance information online will help patients find the right place and right doctors rapidly even in the crowded


Medical APP or online registration will save patients time and improve hospitals service and image

When patients come to hospitals, even in long line-up, they can access the wifi, and open third-party or hospital's APP, registering online/consult/interact with doctors, thus improve the relationship between doctors and patients

(3)Various convenient/secure access ways, applications identification, security protection, to guarantee medical information security

Various access authentication ways: support terminals type identification and users grouping, also supprt automatical binding between MAC white list and users account names

Support WIPS: automatically identify illegal AP and counter, avoid patients and doctors access to illegal AP causing disclosure of users names/passwords/medical data, etc.

Flexible management/controlling for internet applications: accurately identify/manage/control applications, put mobile medical business(such as HIS, PACS system) in priority, improve hospital efficiency


(4) Control and isolation of doctors/patients' access authority, unified management for all equipments, build a more harmonious medical circumstance

        Allocating different access authorities for hospital staff and patients, unified management/maintenance for wireless equipments

Sundray WLAN solutions can accurately identify termanals type. For example, patients generally use temporary mobile termanals for entertainment, hospital can permit patients only access to remote network and internal employees can access to local and remote network by configuring software

Install S-400(dual band) in hospitals' aisles, realizing dual band load balancing, meanwhile improve anti-interference capacity. Install S-600(dual band) in hospitals lobby, providing 802.11ac high banwidth access, realizing high-density users access. Install S-200(panel) in wards, repeated cable is not needed, just use the existed ethernet port to realize perfect wifi experience for patients

Sundray provides WLAN solutions for hospitals. According to mobile medical officing deployment, meet patients' online entertainment, remote video visitation, etc. Thus building a love bridge between patients and hospitals.

Sundray provides professional WLAN solutions for hospitals.

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