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Supermarket and Mall
Updated time:2014-12-24
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Sundray supermarket and mall wireless solution combines wireless demands of shopping malls, supermarkets and chain stores into we-chat certification, Wi-Fi advertising, marketing statistics, analysis and other Wi-Fi hotspots marketing functions. It provides a simple access authentication wireless solution which is fast, value-added and operative.

1. Background and Challenges of wireless network coverage requirements of supermarket and mall

Today, the modern shopping center has become a commercial ultrasonic shopping, Attractions and relaxation and other services as one integrated place. More and more customers are no longer limited to the store shopping, but want to enjoy a fast, smooth wireless network while shopping, better experience stores and online entertainment services. A good wireless network, not only can serve super network office systems, but also bring customers a more comfortable shopping environment.

More and more shopping malls encountered difficulties in deployment and operation of wireless networks such as:

Complex floor structure results in the wireless signal blinder and slower network, which causes customer complains;
In regional super entrance, restaurant, promotions and other high traffic area, Internet access diverted serious;
Holiday People traffic surge, network bearer and control online behavior is poor, suffer hacking user accounts threat;
Chain-type distribution equipment unified management and control is poor, the old forms of advertising and marketing, customer data collection and analysis, targeted marketing capability is weak;

2. Sundray technology ultra-large wireless networking solutions

Sundray technology as the leading brand in the domestic wireless application layer is professional in providing super-industry wireless networking solutions. Using time fair occupancy algorithms to prevent the terminal dragging and ensure a large number of users simultaneously access all share a stable and fast wireless network and built-in advertising push platform in helping businesses achieve customer marketing advertising push. While the corresponding background data storage helps businesses analyze marketing data, it will achieve the targeted marketing and customer marketing programs related adjustment decisions.

1) Built-in advertising push platform makes network administrator turned into user statistics and analysis supporter, helping to make marketing decisions.

Support Certification page advertising push: When a customer came to mall, carrying Portal / SMS authentication when access network, Web authentication page will receive mall promotional activities, shopping guide and other advertising information push. Mall advertising content can be freely defined, so the network has become the online "salesman" to enhance the ability of super business.

Support customer statistics and analysis: for example, the customer shopping habits of consumption frequency and the area can be detected, support statistics and analysis to help businesses plan for targeted marketing and marketing-related adjustments customer decision-making;

2) L2 / L3 layer seamless roaming and security guarantees super-office and customer safety uninterrupted Internet experience

Supermarket and mall have the features like multi-floor and multi-commodity classification region, uneven distribution of staff, and complex access personnel. Sundray technology wireless system supports load balancing and seamless roaming phishing AP detection and prevention, always guarantee customer safety online.

AP automatically detects interference, automatically adjusts the signal and power, to avoid the formation of the point fault signal blind;
AP load balancing and seamless roaming protect customers in enjoying wireless network world;

Support WIPS, anti-theft, anti-fraud, anti-attack, security super and customer data security;

3) Equipment centralized control, meticulous advertising and marketing, optimizing resources super promotion, directly facing the customer needs, enhance the value of super profits

For chain-oriented enterprises, Sundray technology wireless system supports unified management and maintenance of equipment, reducing the regional IT operation and maintenance workload. Built-advertising push platform for super bring better value marketing. Customers for the new access network and access network combined again super regional distribution, conducted for of the advertising push, directly facing the customer needs will rapidly increases the operating profit of malls.

Sundray shopping malls supermarket industry wireless systems can guarantee the safety of patrons and convenient access in many aspects. On one hand to enhance the super service levels, to bring customers a better shopping experience, on the other hand to achieve its precise marketing to customers, comprehensive enhance the operating profit.
Supermarket and Mall industry wireless solutions of Sundray technology serve for you professionally!

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