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Sundray hotel wireless solutions combine different wireless demands of star hotels and business hotels, integrated we-chat authentication, pushing advertisements and other Wi-Fi marketing functions, to build an operative and fluent hotel wireless solution.

1. Background and challenges of wireless network coverage requirements of hotel industry

Today, when guests check in hotel will be the first time generally asked the hotel Wi-Fi wireless account number and password to access the network quickly to meet their remote office network or the Internet and entertainment needs. And more and more hotels are also hoping to build a secure and fast wireless network marketing which can add value to enhance the image of the guests experience after checking in the hotel, also meeting their wireless PAD ordering, hotel booking APP promotion business and improving the hotel business profit.
More and more hotel encountered difficulties in deployment and operation of wireless networks:
The signal attenuation through walls, interference more complicated wiring, internet speed slow and other issues cannot give guests comfortable experience;
Meeting rooms, restaurants and other areas dense attendance cannot achieve full access to guest network stability;
Poor access authentication security mechanism, security management and control are poor, so the hotel and guests both sides are facing cyber security threats;

Hotel reservations, ordering, marketing promotions and other services are poor, unable to creating commercial value by hotel.

2. Sundray technology wireless network solutions for the hospitality industry

Sundray technology as the leading brand in the domestic wireless application layer, with professional hotel industry wireless networking solutions, can accurately identify the type of access terminals. And it can meet the user's identity, user groups and other information with flexible access control and security pool secure access, while proprietary protocol stacking acceleration technology to protect Internet users to enjoy the hotel’s steady and rapid wireless network.

1) Friendly product design, blending in hotels deployment environment.

Product design and deployment of environmentally friendly blending in the hotel, avoid secondary alignment and investment;
For example, recommended for hotel rooms 86 Panel S200 wireless access point, you can replace the existing wired network interface panel directly and efficiently, to avoid all negative effects brought by rewiring. Antenna exquisite landscaping, the overall interior design does not affect the hotel because the device has been integrated with the hotel by cleverly deployed.

2) Full signal coverage of room, lobby and other areas, smart RF optimization, load balancing, technical support.

There are often some wireless signal blind areas, or attenuation after the wall is very strong, results in poor guest’s online experience, even dropped the line frequently. Sundray technology wireless systems combine with the precision engineering pre-test and intelligent RF optimization, load balancing, anti-phishing technology, ensuring hotel guests have a fast stable and secure Internet experience.
Each product supports dual band access, dual band intelligent load balancing, inter-AP load balancing and equalizing the number of users’ access.

The product automatically detects interference and failure, automatically adjust power and channel, hotel signal coverage guarantees.

Automatic detection of illegal fishing AP, WIPS protection automatically to protect account information and security network systems of the hotel guests.

 3) Freely defined advertising push content with value-added marketing, to enhance the value of the hotel profits

Sundray technical wireless solution supports we-chat, portal and other authentication methods. The authentication can be combined with the advertising content freely defined in background authentication screen, such as pushing the hotel's own booking APP. After we-chat certification, the hotel can push secondary occupancy promotion weekly or periodically, increasing the second occupancy rate to enhance the value of the hotel profits.

SMS / portal authentication, ad free pushing.

After the wireless access, seamless roaming will enable the hotel PAD ordering, hotel APP online promotion and other services to improve the hotel operating profit.

5) Professional design, deployment, in line with the needs of hotel, bringing value of the hotel.


Sundray technology hotel industry wireless systems ensure users of safe and easy internet access from application layer diversely. Brings hotel officers and users safe and fluent internet experience, promotes the value of user experience and hotel profits.

The hotel industry wireless solutions of Sundray technology, professional serve for you!

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