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Providing professional wireless LAN solutions for the campus e-book package applications, digital classroom teaching, internet behavior management and audit of teachers and students, campus wifi whole coverage, and other services.

1. Education Industry--Background and challenge of wireless LAN coverage demand

As education developing rapidly, some applications like e-schoolbag become increacingly universal. How to build a wifi network which can not only meet the staff and students' demand and also ensure data security, becomes the problem that schools have to solve.

More and more schools meet toubles in wifi deployment and operation:

Campus area is so huge, important areas' signal is unstable, so many blind areas exist;
High-density users in classrooms and dormitories, wifi network faces big pressure in handlind data;
Different areas, hard to assign access authority to teachers and students, difficuilt in managing internet access behaviors;
Internet access authentication confiduration and maintenance are complex, low system securiry level, poor reliability.

2. Sundray Technologies--Wireless LAN solutionts for Education industry

Sundray has professional WLAN solutions for education industry. Internet access management and control are supported according to different people(teachers and students), different areas(classroom and dormitory), different time( in class and after class). At the same time, patented application-layer encryption technology improves teaching efficiency, security protection, safeguard compus data securiry.

(1)Different solutions deployment for different places(classroom, dormitory, library), realizing signal full coverage, stable and effective.

Generally speaking, students and teachers' dormitory and apartment have thick walls and many rooms, traditional installation(placing on the table) have poor user experience. Sundray smart power dividing solutions extend antenna into rooms, AP supports 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz dual bands, making signal cover the whole room. If dormitory and apartment alreay have cable, we can use Sundray panel AP to deploy, thus avoid installing cable again causing repeated investment and destroying building. There are so many people accessing wlan in classroom/lecture hall/library, at this moment many blind areas may appear, also surrounding inteference(blueteeth, operator network) may exist. Sundray AP supports 802.11 ac protocol, have powerful accessing capacity, one AP can make 100 users access stably at the same time, smart RF optimization makes AP adjust parameters automatically, meeting high-density access requirement.

In high-density areas(classroom, library, etc.), load balancing among APs makes users access evenly, guarantee good access quality in high-density circumstance;

Products automatically detect interference and mulfunction, adjusting output power and channels intelligently, guarantee high-performance signal coverage;

Intelligent and accurate management/controlling for flow, patented application-layer acceleration technology, guarantee reasonable bandwidth allocation and rapid access experience for teachers and students

Students always have P2P download and multi-user concurrent data upload, at the same time, some terminals have super low access rate but still take up bandwidth, causing poor access experience for all users. Sundray supports accurate management and controlling for flow, meanwhile application-layer acceleration technology guarentees rapid access experience.

Accurate identification for teaching applicaions' flow, ensure reasonable bandwidth allocation

Patented application-layer acceleration technology, bring rapid access experience for teachers and students

(3)     Unified management and controlling for users and terminals, separated management/controlling for teachers and students' access behaviors, optimize network resources management.

Unified management for devices: AC automatically detect AP status, and automatically issue parameters(channels, output power, etc.) to APs;

Unified management for users: Sundray WLAN solutions integrate Radius erver function, meanwhile support third-party authentication server(such as Radius) extension, also can accoiate with campus LDAP database(students number, name, etc.), simplify users access registeration, billing, cancel, etc. 

Seperated/Flexible management/controlling for teachers/students' access behaviors: Sundray has the biggest applications idendtification library and URL library, which can accurately identify applications and users, flexibly managing/controlling teachers/students access behaviors according to different authorities, different time, different places, etc. Optimize campus network resources


(4)System automatical security protection, load balancing, back-up AC, to guarantee security and reliability of campus network

Sundray WLAN solutions support transmission channel encryption, built-in firewall function, automatically detect network attack and counter, support users isolation in the same VLAN/ARP broadcasting changed to unicast, thus optimize network flow and reduce influence to network

 Support WIPS, built-in firewall function, real-time monitoring and protection for campus network security

Support L2/L3 seamless roaming, load balancing, back-up AC, to guarantee campus network reliability 

Install S400(dual band) in classrooms and dormitories, realizing dual-band balanced coverage and load, meanwhile improve anti-interference capacity. Install S600(dual-band) in big meeting rooms and gym, providing 802.11ac high bandwidth access, realizing high-density users access. Install S800 outdoors(such as stadium, square, etc), waterproof and anti-thunder, long-range signal coverage, meet mobile access requirement

Sundray provides WLAN solutions for Education industry, improves campus network quality, serves teaching better, makes teachers teach students in wifi network

Sundray, provides professional WLAN for enducation industry

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