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Providing professional wireless networking solutions for financial users with online financial promotion, business self-handling, data security isolation, unified equipment operation and maintenance services.

1. Financial industry--Backgroud and challenge of wireless LAN coverage demand

With the fast economic development, financial industry faces unprecedented developing speed, financial companies (such as bank, securities, insurance, etc.) begin to establish branches all over the world. At the same time, more and more financial business are handled in terminals(mobile phone/tablet/laptop, etc). How to build a interactive/secure WLAN platform between financial companies and customers becomes the problem that financial companies have to solve.

More and more financial companies meet the trouble in WLAN deployment and operation:

Internet access authentication is not safe and easy enough, it is hard to manage/monitor/control terminals;
Data and information between financial companies and customers are extremely important, but network security safegard level is very low;
Pushing financial advertisement to terminals is not supported, it is very hard for customer data analysis and statistics;
Top priority business prevails is not supported, managing equipments separately makes maintenance difficuilt and low reliability.


2. Sundray Technologies--Wireless LAN solutions for financial industry

Sundray, as the professional supplier for enterprise-level WLAN equipments, support terminals permission, accurate identification and control for access flow and applications, safeguard financial companies' network data security, and improve benifits associated with advertisement promotion

(1)Different authentication ways for employees and customers, support internet access auditing/managing

Sundray Technologies support 8 authentication ways(such as CA certificate, 802.1X, Wechat, SMS, etc.). When customers go to financial branches, they can enjoy wifi by Wechat,SMS, etc. Thus financial companies can push adverticement to customers by getting their Wechat number or mobile number. For internal employees, by MAC white list or 802.1X authentication, realize serious management for access users identification. At the same time, assigning different authority to employees and customers, garantee customers can only access to public server data, only employees can access to internal sensitive data. Thus enable secure network isolation.


(2) Secure isolation between financial companies' internal network and public network for customers, real-time automatical monitoring for illegal AP and users

Sundray WLAN solutions, help financial companies isolate secure network data, for example: internal office network only allow employees to access by PC, other terminal devices are prohibitted; public network for customers, only allow customers access by moble terminals, PC is prohibitted, thus prevent illegal users from attacking network.
Multiple authentication for user identification, terminal type, access location, etc. pretect financial data in every respect.

Support WIPS, automatically detect illegal AP and eliminate its connection, garantee informatin security of employees and customers. 

(3)  Online advertisement push in mobile phone bank , customers big data analysis can't be more obvious

Sundray WLAN solutions, support Wechat/SMS/Portal/etc. authentication, when customers access to network, authetication pages with advertisement will appear on terminals, bank and security companies can push APP to termanals online, and get customers' mobile phone after authentication, financial companies can push business advertisement to customers periodically.

Sundray software can monitor access users quantity, access times, access time in financial companies.

(4)Financial business data priority guarantee, unified managemetn for separated equipments, back-up AC supported to ensure reliable operation

Sundray has the biggest application library and URL library to identity applications accurately, providing green channel for financial priority data. At the same time, AC supports load balancing, back-up AC to ensure consistent data operation;

Priority data like ERP, SAP, etc go first, ensuring office efficiency

 Unified management for sepatated equipments, supporting load balancing, back-up AC

Sundray WLAN solutions deploy a main AC and a back-up AC in financial companies network, to avoid network stops working under mulfunction.

Sundray WLAN solutions, secure financial companies and customers' important data in every respect, at the same time, managing users' data and separated equipments unifiedly, thus improve office efficiency and companies image.

Sundray Technologies, professional solutions and service for financial industry

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