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Sundray enterprise wireless solutions aimed at requirements of enterprise mobile office and production automation scenes, providing technology and equipment support for enterprise informatization construction. Besides it is designed to meet the requirements of internal and external network isolation, the division of authority and employees’ internet activity management, and improving the speed of wireless services.

1. Background and challenges of wireless network coverage requirements of enterprise office.

With the development of enterprise office and automation production, more and more companies want to deploy a wireless network system, on one hand better to achieve effective network office, on the other hand combine with some of the production equipment business to achieve better production service. How to build a stable, fast and safe wireless network has become another problem many information and technology department faces.

More and more enterprises encountered difficulties in deployment and operation of wireless networks:
Poor access authentication mechanism, disappointing security isolation between office and gues;
Weak identification and control ability of employee Internet application, poor access permissions distribution mechanism;
Enterprise network stability is bad, low system reliability, low security capabilities;
Not close to the business needs of enterprises, few equipment functions, lot of difficulties in operation and maintenance.


2. Sundray technology wireless network solutions for the enterprise office industry

Sundray technology is the leading brand in the wireless application layer which provides professional wireless networking solutions for enterprise office industry. It focused on application layer study and has the guarantee capabilities for internet activity management, application identification and security protection. The products are easily to maintain and easy to experience.

1) Diverse and easy access authentication, network security isolation is good

Sundray technical wireless system supports CA certificate, 802.1x, we-chat, SMS and other up to 8 authentication methods, network isolation is safe and effective, and fully protecting the enterprise network security.

802.1x authentication is a "one-click" configuration, safe and easy without having to repeat certification.

Security isolation of ffice and guest network , protecting the security of enterprise network data ;

2) Give priority to enterprise office applications, flexible control personnel access permissions

Sundray technology wireless system has the largest application recognition library and millions of URL database level, can accurately and quickly identify network application and audit internet activity. It will give priority to enterprise office applications, and assigned to different people with different Internet access permissions in the same time, further optimize the use of the network.
Give priority to office, SAP/ERP and other enterprise office software. 

According to their status, user groups, and other elements on the user terminal type flexibly assigned access privileges.

3) Interference automatic detection, automatic RF optimization, automatic fault business switching, automatic safety protection

Sundray technology wireless system can automatically identify the type of terminal access, automatic fault detection and interference environment, automatically adjust the parameters of RF power, channel, etc., automatically detect illegal fishing AP, automatically identify attacks and protection.
AP load balancing:

The product automatically detects interference and failure, automatically adjust power and channel products to ensure signal coverage.

Automatic detection of illegal phishing AP, WIPS protection automatically to protect visitors and information security business office personnel.

4) System keep close to the business requirements, and easily to operation and maintenance, single product with multifunction

Sundray technology wireless AC equipment supports a variety of functions only with a device: it is an access controller unit that allows AP centralized configuration and management, and also firewall equipment which providing security. Besides it’s also a Radius server to achieve a unified access authentication, and an Internet behavior management device, to achieve a unified internet activity audit and control.

Single product with multi-function, full-featured, saving customer investment;


For enterprise wireless PC office and wireless scan code gun cargo identification data to provide convenient access

Sundray technology wireless systems and product diversification can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor deployment, to help companies achieve OA office, wireless monitoring, wireless scan code identification and so on. Sundray serves in office and production development of enterprises, realize the value of corporate fast conversion.

Enterprise office wireless systems of Sundray technology not only meet the enterprise's wireless mobile office and protect corporate data security, but also combined with enterprise wireless production equipment to help companies achieve rapid development of more efficient production..
The enterprise wireless solutions of Sundray technology, professional serve for you! 

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