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Updated time:2014-11-19
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Sundray government industry Wlan solutions are mainly used in service hall, office building, government and smart cities which have the wireless demands.

Providing professional wireless LAN solutions for government office lobby petitioners access business handling, online poll, government information platform promotion, data security, etc.

1、Government--Background and Challenge for Wi-Fi coverage demand

As the national government information construction going, building wireless networks has begun to  to provide convenience for the government administration, the public service and other services. However, government departments have demanding requirements on network security, not only protecting citizens' information, to prevent personal information from being stolen, and also need to protect the information security of government office workers, prohibit disclosure of government and national confidential information.

More and more government deparments face troubles in Wi-Fi deployment and operation:

Visitors access authentication mechanism is poor, access security needs to be improved;
Internet access behavior identification and control are weak, access rights assignment is unreasonable;
Network stability is poor, poor security isolation mechanism, low security protection;
Less professional maintenance personnel, equipment unified management and control are difficult, high operation and    maintenance costs;

2、Sundray Technologies--Wireless LAN solutions for government

Sundray Technologies, dedicated in R&D of wireless LAN equipments. Protect governments' network and data security by multi-layer access approval/monitor from access layer, broadcasting isolation/optimization from network layer, accurate identification/controlling from application layer.

(1)Unified management, one for all, guarantee clients' ROI

AC manages/configures all AP unifiedly, easily, safely.
One for all, multiple functions, save investing cost for customers

Sundray Access Controller has "one for all" design. It is a AC device which can manage/configure all AP unifiedly, it is also a firewall device which provides security/protection for network, and it is still a Radius server which can handle all access authentation, finally it is also a internet access management device which can monitor/control/record all internet access behavior.


(2)Secure/easy authentication mechanism, support load balancing, Anti-cheating, ensure governments' network experience and information security

Sundray WLAN solutions support various access authentication ways, which can provide different authentication choices for goverments and citizens.

Load balancing between APs, reasonable users quantity allocation, ensure users access experience

Automatically detect interference and mulfunction,  intelligently adjust output power and channel, ensure  signal coverage

Automatically detect illegal AP, WIPS protection, secure goverment and visitors' information

(3)Smart identification for terminal devices, access permission can be set, support isolation between local network and remote network to ensure government network security

Sundray WLAN solutions can identify terminal device type accurately, automatically bond acount number and MAC, support users grouping, ensure secure access. At the same time, broadcasting optimization in local network, isolation between local network and remote network, keep malicious network attack from happening in local network, ensure information security in government network.



Local network applications identification control, ensure governments have a more efficient office network.

(4)2 ACs, one is main AC, the other is back-up AC, when mulfunction happens, fast switch from mulfunction AC to back-up AC will ensure stable/reliable operation

Sundray WLAN solutions deploy a main AC and a back-up AC in government network, to avoid network stops working under mulfunction.

Sundray, WLAN solutions, secure network in every respect, to garantee government' information security and improve government working efficience.
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