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Sundray scenic wireless solutions based on resort characteristics like covering a wide area, complex terrain, peak flow of people and others, taking special outdoor AP for networking, and  push advertisements, notifications and convenient information through wireless lan, creating a simple management, operational, and intelligent scenic wireless solution.

1. Scenic wireless network coverage requirements Background and Challenges

'Hello, could you help us take a photo, thank you! ...... "Today, when visitors playing in scenic area, all in real-time views of their side wanted to share their own mood to the circle of friends, we-chat, QQ and other network space, but most resorts do not have a wireless Wi-Fi coverage, or rely on the operator's network, the signal is poor, slow Internet access, you cannot resolve concerns about the huge flow of tourists spend upload a lot of photos, you cannot bring visitors fun "online travel" experience.

More and more scenic encountered difficulties in deployment and operation of wireless networks:
Larger scenic area of uneven distribution of regional traffic, more signal blind area;
Heaver holiday traffic and more popular tourists attractions, network coverage density is not enough with poor stability;
Difficulty in deploy wireless monitoring, outdoor distribution network equipment and more high security requirements, poor personnel maintenance ability;
Poor marketing ability of scenic spots, tourists information analysis capability is weak;

2. Sundray technical scenic wireless networking solutions

Sundray technologies as the leading brand in the wireless application layer, have scenic wireless networking solutions. With various product classifications of indoor and outdoor options, Sundray wireless network solution covers a wide signal area, support innovative we-chat authentication and other authentication methods, network access to facilitate tourists the scenic spots and marketing campaigns.

1)Product variety, suitable for resort complex deployment environment

Product sub indoor and outdoor types can be flexibly deployed to meet the needs of scenic scene;

Lightning protection safety and professional Engineering comparable to a bridge for the wireless security data scenic wireless monitoring equipment;

Outdoor AP supports professional lightning protection design and waterproof, dustproof anti-corrosion of safety and security equipment itself, while providing wireless transmission channel resort of wireless monitoring devices, real-time protection of scenic and safety management.


2) Scenic message push "local conditions", the second warm greetings to enhance tourist experience, to achieve value-added marketing, advertising scenic.When visitors access to scenic letter Rui technology wireless Wi-Fi system, different positions scenic terminals can receive different predefined attractions promotional advertising or scenic Home Portal interface, and can identify the second access terminal, push such as "Dear visitors welcomes you to visit the second time, following our recent theme activities" and other information, to achieve careful of targeted marketing, enhance the scenic business capacity.

3) Guest traffic analysis statistics, scenic heat of data presented, a single set of equipment one-stop solutions, help scenic business management and decision-making    

Support the statistics of new and old visitors, tourists average residence time, and other information of interest overall popularity.

Single set of equipment functions, saving investment, supports visitor density analysis, planning the construction of booster scenic reasonable excavation and business opportunities.

Sundray travel scenic wireless system that combines scenic actual deployment environment, not only give a better user experience of tourists, but also help achieve its marketing value and better development.
Sundray scenic wireless solutions bring you professional service!

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