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Duration+ flow control, no longer afraid of loiter network etc.
Updated Date:2015-04-15
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Control strategy of duration on surfing the Internet and flow quota are realized based on role authorization. Generally, role authorization is undertaken after the authentication passes. Meanwhile, it also can be undertaken before the authentication passes.
Control strategy of duration for surfing the Internet means to limit the duration on surfing the Internet in a certain of time quantum for the verified user. The statistical control time quantum is set based on time plan, which can be user-defined in accordance with the actual need. For instance, limit the duration on surfing the Internet every day or every week.
Flow quota means to limit the using flow of each day or month for the verified user, which can limit flow quota every day or every month. Meanwhile, the flow quota every day and every month can be limited simultaneously.
The control strategy of duration on surfing the Internet and flow quota can be used alone or simultaneously. When the threshold value is reached, two operations can be adopted for user. 1. Refuse this verification in the period of quota control strategy. 2. After blocking a certain period (the period can be user-defined), the wireless network can be used again.  

Example of usage scenario: 
Scenario description of one supermarket is as follows:
a. WeChat authentication (when user connects with wireless network and without WeChat authentication, they can use WeChat, under which WeChat can not be used after the limited time is reached.  And in order to avoid the complaint and query of user, the related network page for explanation can be pop-up automatically when the user connects with the wireless network. )
b. Limit the employee to use wireless network for a long time. According to the average dwell time of customer, limit the duration on surfing the Internet. For instance, not more than 2 hours for maximum each day.
​c. For avoiding user to watch long-hour video to affect others’ Internet experience, use flow quota. Flow quota per day is 500M and per month, 10G.
Configuration step is as follows: 
1. Time and plan configuration.
​2. For role configuration before WeChat authentication, contents of page is pop-up automatically after connected with wireless network.
3. Role configuration after WeChat authentication.
4. Set wireless network. Role assignment before/after the authentication.