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Anti-phishing Function says goodbye to illegal hotspots
Updated Date:2015-04-13
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With the rapid development of internet and the popularization of mobile terminal, the demand for wireless network is increased even more. In recent years, with the popularization of WiFi at mobile phone, Pad and personnel computer etc., people’s life and work become more convenient. However, the safety problem on wireless network also appears accordingly. These mobile terminals are loading more and more personal life, entertainment, work and other related information, among which there are plenty of personal privacy even business secret. The importance of all these information is obvious.   
The information interaction at mobile terminal can not be separated with wireless network. And wireless signal is ubiquitous in air. Consequently, people may worry if our privacy will fly hither and thither with wireless signal. And how the safety of wireless network can be guaranteed? At present, the privacy disclosure resulted from wireless phishing is a topic mentioned frequently, which makes people worry a lot when talking about “wireless”.
Depending on the perennial accumulation in intrusion detection, Sundray intensively studies the attacking characteristics of WLAN network. And WLAN IDS/IPS system is launched, whose wireless security detection function can detect wireless phishing, illegal AD-Hoc and BSSID conflict, DDOS attack, flooding attack and other wireless attacks based on WLAN at real time. Moreover, this system can provide 7×24 uninterrupted wireless network safety protection to prevent wireless information from disclosure, solve wireless risk and convoy the wireless network safety for user.