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Demystify Sundary Technologies wireless optimization of E-schoolbag scenario
Updated Date:2015-04-10
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E-schoolbag is a mobile digital school, which takes students as principal, electronic terminal and learning resource as support to run through preview, classroom, school assignment, guidance, evaluating and each learning process.   
So, what problem and perplex the customer will face in the construction of E-schoolbag?
The electronic terminal adopted by E-schoolbag is accessed by wireless mode. Therefore, the original wired network should be transformed into wireless network. And it is required to guarantee each corner of classroom is full of signal and the network should be stable. When many manufacturers test the E-schoolbag project, the network delay and jam often appear when terminal connected with E-schoolbag is increased. And the effect is not ideal. So, what is good solution we Sundary Technologies will offer for E-schoolbag scenario? 
E-schoolbag adopts multicast method to realize the synchronization of teaching courseware and video. It requires AP to own higher hardware performance. Moreover, it also requires to combine the optimization of background software. And after opening Sundray Intelligent broadcasting speed-up function, E-schoolbag performance can be raised substantially. In actual project, use NAP-2600/2400 to test and access more than 60 electronic terminals at the same time. The effect is still very good. 
Based on E-schoolbag scenario, Sundray puts forward multicast optimization function to optimize multicast transmission speed, set multicast channel bandwidth weight and solve the problems resulted from large concurrent quantity of connected terminals on E-schoolbag scenario. Internet speed for user of E-schoolbag scenario is raised substantially. And the experience effect of E-schoolbag terminal is enhanced.