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How to prevent low-rate terminal from retarding the overall network performance
Updated Date:2015-03-24
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In wireless network, although the wireless terminal with low connection rate and weak signal also can be accessed into the network, the obtained network performance and service quality are far from the wireless client with strong signal. If the wireless client with weak signal is accessed into the wireless network and data is transmitted at the same time, more channel resource will be occupied. At last, it will be inevitable to affect other terminals and affect the whole AP performance.  
Prohibit the function accessed by low-bitrate terminal. Directly refuse the wireless terminal with connection rate, 1/2/5.5Mbps to access wireless network to reduce the influence on other terminals and improve the using effect of the whole wireless network.
The normal indoor wireless coverage and the signal strength of terminal receiving can be guaranteed. And the connection rate will not lower than 11Mbps basically. Consequently, the indoor coverage correctly deployed will not be affected. If the signal in some indoor corner is weak to cause low connection rate of the terminal, it also should be prohibited to access. In this way, the effect of the whole wireless network can be guaranteed.  
Besides, the problem of signal disclosure often exists in the wireless network deployed in indoor. The wireless signal still can be searched at longer distance in outdoor. The people outside still can adopt WeChat authentication and short message authentication etc. to use the network resource. After prohibiting the low-bitrate terminal to access, loiter network by strangers can be prevented to some extent.