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Industry first, WiFi keyword marketing
Updated Date:2015-03-23
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Keyword marketing is an accurate O2O marketing function only owned by Sundary in their industry at present. The launch of new function will enhance Sundray product’s competitiveness in WLAN industry continually. 
This kind of network marketing model based on keyword is initiated by search engine company, which is the most popular and effective network marketing model at present.
Sundary keyword marketing accurately matches the information which user searches in Baidu, Google and other search engines or Taobao, Jingdong and other mobile phone App. And advertisement promoting is undertaken in accordance with preset keywords. The promoting methods include webpage embedding, short message and WeChat to push marketing advertisement for online user.

ⅰ Webpage embedded advertisements
Match the keyword searched by user and make advertisement display at the bottom of browser in accordance with promotion rule. Refer to the following picture.  

Remark: Network embedded advertisement also support the advertisement promotion by the method of “online duration” promotion.

WeChat Advertisement

Short message advertisement no exhibition effect
In the short message authentication, search keyword and send the corresponding short message in accordance with WiFi online user.